Snow Cone Blocks

Our Sno Cone blocks are one solid piece of ice which are ideal for shaved ice machines. The dimensions are approx. 5 ½” x 5 ½” x 11” and they weigh approximately 10-11 lbs. They can also be used for construction jobsite coolers, temporary refrigeration if the power goes out, or even cooling off your pool.

Sno Cap Ice is one of the only producers of solid snow cone blocks in Missouri. The solid block is the preferred block for a shaved ice machines and delivers superior shaved ice over compressed ice cube blocks. Compressed blocks are made by forcing chunks of ice or crushed ice into compression molds. This process creates a block that is filled with air spaces and will not produce smooth snow like a solid block will. Due to this shape of block you may find that you’re sharpening or replacing your blades more frequently. If you have your own snow cone or shaved ice stand, we can provide you with an ice merchandiser and deliver block or cubed ice (25 lb. bags). Contact us for details and pricing.